Jenna has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago.  Jenna is also a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she was trained in over 100 dietary theories and educated on the importance of Primary Foods (exercise, spirituality, relationships and career) being just as critical as the food that we eat. 

Jenna has always been curious about health and wellness but after having children, she expanded her interest in health and holistic living.  She recognizes the impact that nutrition and mindfulness have on her as well as her family.  Jenna hopes that this blog gives others a sense of the benefits of a family living mindfully. 

Jenna lives with her husband and two children outside San Francisco. Her kids kindly allow her to practice all of her sometimes crazy wellness ideas on them.  They all practice mindfulness as much as they can and will continue to be perfectly imperfect!


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